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Is ploom pax 3 the most promising vaporizer in the market?

In these days more and more people are choosing vaporizers over traditional cigarettes. This is due to the fact that these electronic devices are comparatively cheaper, needs no ashtrays or lighters, and can be used even in public places. Due to the increasing demands for these devices, many manufacturing companies started manufacturing more and more of these devices. The competition amongst them increased so much that each company started to introduce more high-tech features in their latest products. One such notable company is pax lab, whose pax series products are currently dominating the market. The latest product from the pax series is Pax 2.

Ploom pax 3 mechanism
This device is dual mode compatible i.e. it can be used in herb mode as well as concentrate mode. Most of the other devices on the market don’t provide this feature, thus making one of the top choices for customers. This device comes with a cell phone app known as pax vapor app, which allows the users to change the temperature inside the device. Change in temperature helps to adjust the flavor of the product.

Also, there is a feedback system which comes with a led indicator, and is used to inform the status of the device to the users. Ploom Pax 3 has half oven as well as full oven used in dry mode. In most cases, the materials used as fuel for these devices lose their tastes with time. For this reason, the half ovens were introduced in these latest models to forbid the maximum use of herbs. There’s also an attachment provided for concentrate mode, thus justifying the device’s dual nature.

Why should you buy pax 3?
This user friendly model is mostly made of aluminum and comes painted with black and gold colors, thus giving it a classy look. Though the price range falls between 250-300 US dollars and isn’t that cheap, yet it provides features which most other companies don’t. These are the obvious reasons that makepax 3 vape a better choice for vaping.

November 2, 2018