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Great Neck NewsGreat Neck News

The Great Neck Record has been published since 1908. This weekly Theislandnow newspaper has been covering the news of Greatneck, Kings Point, Kensington, Saddle Rock, and Thomaston. It has a loyal readership and is an excellent source of information. In fact, the newspaper was named Best New York Newspaper in 2016.

This Will Increase Team Knowledge And Improve Performance

When managing a team, it is important to communicate goals with everyone. Share challenges and solutions that you have faced. This will increase team knowledge and improve performance. Make sure to praise team members who are overcoming challenges. Highlighting their good work can be highlighted with @mentions, +1s, and emojis. Also, make sure to update team goals on a weekly basis. If your team has SMART goals, make sure everyone is aware of these goals.