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Marquee Hire – Creating a Bespoke Venue

When you’re planning a wedding, birthday party or event marquee hire offers the ideal way to create a bespoke venue in a stunning location. Whether that be a stately home, private estate or the grounds of your own garden. With so many options available it’s important to find the right marquee hire company for your needs. Type ’marquee hire company near me’ into Google and the choice is overwhelming. It’s enough to make your head spin.

How much are marquees to buy?

When selecting a marquee hire company it’s important to ask for site visits and supplier meetings. This helps to prevent any unforeseen issues and ensure everyone is on the same page with the expectations of your day. It also gives you the opportunity to show your marquee hire company around your location and discuss how the space will work for your special event.

Another consideration is the style of you want. There are traditional pole marquees, framed marquees and a variety of shaped marquees. It’s also worth considering how many guests you will be inviting and whether your chosen marquee will be able to accommodate them comfortably.

Most marquee hire companies can provide a full range of furniture and catering equipment. They can even include a dance floor or bar. For a truly bespoke experience most marquee hire companies will have great relationships with local decor and styling specialists who can help you to create the perfect look for your big day.

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