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Respironics SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator Stores

respironics simplygo portable oxygen concentrator stores simplygo portable oxygen concentrator price

Respironics simplygo portable oxygen concentrator stores – the simple solution

The respironics simplygo portable oxygen concentrator stores simplygo portable oxygen concentrator price devices. Philips Respironics is leading the way with their SimplyGo and SimplyGo Mini models that offer both continuous flow and pulse dose delivery in a device weighing just 10 pounds.

Reliably manage your therapy and balance your lifestyle needs with Just One POC

Unlike other portable oxygen concentrators, the SimplyGo allows you to choose the best oxygen settings based on your personal requirements for supplemental oxygen. This means you can stay active and get out of the house more often, even on shorter trips.

Easy accessibility of the battery (versus internal batteries)

The SimplyGo is one of the few portable oxygen concentrators that allow patients to change out the lithium-ion battery quickly and easily. This feature eliminates the need for hard-to-reach internal batteries and battery belts.

What to Know Before Buying a Used SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The Respironics SimplyGo is designed to be used by active people who want to be able to travel in the most rugged and demanding situations. The unit is crafted to withstand high temperatures, vibrations and shocks.

In addition to the portable oxygen concentrator itself, the SimplyGo includes a custom carrying case and a wheeled cart. The mobile cart has a removable shoulder strap and is designed to fit over the portable oxygen concentrator.

The SimplyGo also comes with an AC power supply and a DC power cord, making it a great choice for those who travel. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery is FAA approved for air travel and will work on all airlines. You may need to call your airline before your trip to check on the specific procedures and policies regarding the use of a portable oxygen concentrator and battery.

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