Link Bunnies Shopping Cuban Link Pendant

Cuban Link Pendant

The coveted Cuban link chain has long been a conversation piece among the fashionable elite. Their popularity skyrocketed around 2012, and hasn’t decreased since. These eye-catching chains are both beautiful and affordable. Whether you’re a fan of antique jewelry or just want to show off your favorite piece, you’ll find that the cuba link chain is an excellent choice. It’s available in several weights, thicknesses, and lengths.

How To Gain Cuban Link Pendant

The design of the Cuban link pendant varies depending on the metal. If you want a thick chain, select a piece that’s 10mm or larger. However, if you’re looking for a thin style, try something between six and 8.5mm. This is the perfect width for classic Cuban links. If you’re a newbie to the Cuban link chain, consider checking out Luke Zion Jewelry’s extensive selection of sterling silver chains.

Gold Cuban link chains are also popular, and are often associated with hip-hop culture. You’ll find these necklaces in the 1980s on rap legends like Slick Rick and Big Daddy Kane. Today, you can find them in rainbow and tri-color varieties as well. They are a classic accessory that will enhance your fashion sense. If you’re looking for a fashionable piece that says “I’m a hip-hop artist,” a gold Cuban link chain is a great way to make a statement.

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