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Sewer Gas Leak Detector

sewer gas leak detector

As organic waste decomposes, it produces gasses that are toxic to humans if inhaled in large quantities. When these gases are released from a septic system or sewer gas leak detector, they can enter the house through drains, creating that unpleasant rotten egg smell everyone recognizes. Inhaling this gas may cause nausea, headaches, dizziness and difficulty breathing. If these symptoms are experienced, it’s important to get outside for fresh air and seek medical attention.

A plumber can locate the source of the gas with a test called “smoke testing.” The Rocket Plumber will block all of the home’s drain vents and then blow smoke through them. He’ll then check the area where the smoke smells strongest to determine the location of a leak in the sewer or drainage pipes. The smoke reveals where the odor is most prevalent, which makes it much easier to pinpoint the problem and fix it.

Sewer Gas Leak Detectors: Protecting Your Home from Unpleasant and Hazardous Odors

Traps built into drains in your home’s plumbing system help keep this gas away from living areas. These curved pipes, filled with water, seal off the gases below from the drains above. But over time, the trap can crack or break, allowing the rotten egg gas to escape into your home. Your pipefitter can reline your drain lines, including the trap, to make sure it creates an unbroken seal all the way down the pipes and vents the gases to the outdoors where they belong.

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